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5 out of 5 stars

We were recommended Niagara Home Heating from our neighbours and have been extremely pleased with the service provided by John and his team. John is very responsive and always looks for ways to provide the best solution at lowest cost. We had our furnace stop working in November on a Saturday night (the one night it was -10 degrees) and John was able to come Sunday morning and fix the problem. I would strongly recommend Niagara Home Heating for your furnace health and Maintenance! Thanks John!
Stephanie Johnston
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10 out of 10 stars

Our boiler decided to quit on the weekend before Christmas. Called John at Niagara home heating he recommended that I call someone local to have it diagnosed as he was completely booked up for the weekend. The local contractor came in and diagnosed a very expensive repair of the control board replacement. The contractor was unable to do the work so I called John back. Prior to ordering the board John wanted to have another look because of the significant cost of the repair. After the second diagnostic it was determined that the board was not at fault and was a much cheaper repair of a ventor switch. This company goes out of its way to do right by the customer. Highly recommended!!
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5 out of 5 stars

John and his crew did an incredible job! Our furnace stopped working right at the height of the deep freeze last year (naturally). When it became apparent that the temporary fix John tried wasn’t going to keep us warm until our booked appointment, John’s crew came in overtime and we were warm and toasty in no time. We were not charged one penny more, either! Great company, great service!
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